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How often will you use your detector?

Who would want to (or be able to) spend $1,000 or more for a metal detector that is only going to be used once or twice? These questions need to be addressed when you're looking for your metal detector as well.
There are fantastic entry level machines that are $250 - $350 new. There are also machines that cost less as well as more. The lower priced units may not have the quality parts of units costing more. The electronics inside of metal detectors are designed to emit a search field, and respond when metal is detected in that field. If the electrical componets are of lesser quality, they may not have as sensitive reponse to metal causing you to miss targets, or have 'iffy' signals. The exterior quality needs to be examined as well. Do all the electrical connections have a good snug fit? Is the rod between the coil and control box mounted tight? If the rod is two or more pieces, do they join without wobbling?
If you are not wanting to spend $250 to $350, maybe a used detector can be a good choice for you.

What machine is right for me?