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In todays world there people that feel a want or a need to cause trouble. No metal detector is worth losing your life over. Think for a few minutes about what the average detectorist takes with them in the field, and how these items could be used in self defense.

I did not feel qualified to give many ideas on this subject so I emailed a fellow detectorist that I believe is. I asked him to list his qualifications and give his thoughts on the subject. Below is his complete reply.


Just a quick review of my qualifications. Although I retired from the Army as a MSgt, I 1st spent 6 years as a Navy SEAL. I hold black belt ranks in Goju Ryu Karate, Chinese Kenpo Karate, Judo (where I still coach), & Daito Ryu JuJutsu. I instructed Kenpo & am at the 3rd degree level.
Having said that my favorite form of self defense while in the field is pepper spray. I carry a heavy duty police issue container of the stuff. Check your local laws for legality, although I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Another good tool to have is a police quality whistle. They also make battery operated noisemakers in the many decible level of sound. Check with your local gun shop where most forms of personal self defense items are sold. Even though I'm a grappeler by nature & have also coached H.S. wrestling I don't think I'd crouch down right away. Too easy to get kicked in the head & too hard to regain your feet to run. You also have a good weapon in your metal detector. That gives you a long reach & White's machines are made of good strong metal. You might bust a rod but I'm sure the detector could be put in good operating condition with out a large outlay of cash. I have the advantage as I work as a security officer & I carry my badge on my belt or on a chain around my neck. If I'm alone in a park near a rough neighborhood I make sure the badge is somewhat visible. Just a few months ago a couple of punks veered from the direction they were walking & were coming straight toward me. when they got close enough to realize I was wearing a badge they veered away again. If asked I'd tell them I was looking for spent bullets from a crime. I can do this legally without fear of getting nailed for impersonating a P.O. because I also carry my S/O license with me & am authorized a badge.
All of these are random thoughts & if I think of any more I'll let you know. Right now I'd say the pepper spray (O.C.) & the loud noisemaker would be & is my 1st choice.
A story:
A fellow detectorist in his 70's some years back was attacked by 2 guys when he was out alone. He cold-cocked one with his detector & the other one ran away.He had noticed the guy was right handed so he stomped on his hand. In case he regained conciousness he'd have other things to worry about. Since he busted his stem he dipped into the wallet of the unconcious perp & helped himself. He wound up with enough to get his stem replaced & he also took the guy's drivers license. He mailed a card to the guy saying that from now on there was a whole lot of people watching him & he better be careful when out alone. The next time might make the 1st time seem like a kiss from his mother. The dude's still probably watching his back! In his case crime sure didn't pay. A headache, a busted hand & a light wallet!
Sarge out.

Thank you Sarge

Sarge also has a great group of forums that can be reached at

Check it out. You'll be glad that you did.