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Here is a list to give you some thoughts on where to search in your area.
Sites of old fairs, circuses, or revival meetings
Scout Camps,
Sports fields,
Picnic Areas,
Swimming and Beach Areas,
Sledding and skiing areas,
Ghost towns,
Construction areas,
Rodeo Arenas,
Scenic turn offs, historical markers and Rest areas,
Near rural mailboxes,
Fishing and hunting areas,
Battlesites (check laws),
Flea Markets,
Around Parking meters,
Hotels, Inns, Motels,
Old Drive in Theater sites,
Automobile accident sites,
Disaster sites,
Skating areas,
Mining and Lumber Camps,
Railroad Stations and Junctions,
Lovers Lanes,
Rural Dance sites,
Old Gas Stations.

Tired of shotgun shells?
All brass, circa 1880

12 gauge shotgun shell made of brass. 1880's as far as I have been able to find out. U.M.C. above the primer with an 'X' on the left rim area and another 'X' on the right rim area across from the primer, and the number '12' below the primer. This was found in 2002, at 9 inches deep in an old church yard.

Any more info would be welcome. Thank you.


Over 20 possible cache sites to be aware of
1) Look for loose bricks/stones in fireplaces.
2) Check under porches.
3) Try fruit cellars and basements.
4) Near large trees. Check the tree for hollow limbs or trunks as well as for a nail that could have been used to hang a line that would point to a spot on the ground.  While looking, see if it may have had a swing tied in it years ago.
5) In or under a fence post.
6) Hollow areas in window or doorsills.
7) Under floorboards, or inside steps.
8) Abandoned automobiles or farm machines.
9) Barns or other out buildings (dog houses, pig pens, chicken coops etc.) in sight of the home. Check rafters,  lofts, or anyplace else a container of coins could be hidden. A full day could be spent searching a fair sized barn. Remember the cache was HIDDEN not placed where any one that entered would see it.
10) Don't forget outhouses!
11) Flower gardens, vegatable gardens and planters.
12) Check out attics carefully. Remember that unused items from bygone days are often todays treasures!
13) Check out any food containers you come across. Remember it isn't to hard to drop a few coins in a can of fruit before its sealed, or place a few coins under a storage bin.
14) Woodpiles
15) Cisterns, water pipes, and drainage pipes are worth looking into.
16) Under sidewalk stones, or unusual markers or stones.
17) Near unusual plants (lilacs, rosebushes and such)
18) Hollowed out light posts.
19) Hollowed out books.
20) Areas of discarded cloths, or old shoes.