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Metal Detecting
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Found this pin near a 1914 Barber dime.
I believe the pin is newer though. Any more thoughts?

People of all sizes, shapes and abilities are getting involved with our hobby and the more they look at detectors, the more confusing their choice becomes. This page is to try and help answer the question of what detector should I get.

VLF (Very Low Frequency) metal detectors are by far the most popular machines available today and I'll address that type of machine on these pages simply because Pulse Induction machines are used in a very limited type of hunting, and would probably not be an ideal first machine. All of the VLF land use detectors sold today (that I'm aware of) have a mode that allows you to discriminate out (or not respond to) targets that you consider junk.

Finding the metal detector that's right for you is not that hard if you take a little time and ask yourself some basic questions. Be completely honest with yourself when you answer them. Please click on the underlined questions and statements below for more information.

Answering the above statement can cut your choices roughly in half.

Not all machines do a good job in all areas.

How often will I use it?

This can have a bearing on your choice because of cost factors and ease of use.  This page is still being worked on, please bear with me.