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Welcome to my web site!
This site is devoted to the growing hobby of metal detecting.

This site is devoted to the thousands of people who call themselves 'Detectorists'. As this site progresses, you will discover tips and tricks that can help new as well as more experienced detectorists find more enjoyment and (perhaps) profit from this great hobby.


Above are a few of my finds this summer. At the 'noon' position, 1908 D Barber dime, then going clockwise is an 1888 I.H. Penny, 1914 D Barber Dime, 1943 P Jefferson Nickel, 1907 I.H. Penny (6 o'clock position), 1916 Buffalo Nickel,  1912 D Barber Dime, another 1888 I.H. and the half in the center is a 1942 liberty.


Found this eagle ring 5 inches down in woodchips near a swingset at a local elementary school. When I seen the color, and then picked it up, I'd have bet it was gold, it is HEAVY! But it is heavy gold plate, and synthetic stones for the eyes. A neat find that I wear daily.

Below are links to my forum and a picture upload area. Please feel free to post messages about tips and tricks for metal detecting, and pictures of your finds. I hope to establish a forum that can benefit all without regards to make or model of detector used. Metal detecting can be fun for the entire family. Therefore please keep your posts and pictures limited to metal detecting and keep it clean!

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No libelous, defamatory, pornographic, or vulgar pictures or comments toward people or thier choice of detectors will be tolerated on this forum. Opinions are welcome but will not be tolerated if they violate any of the above. Offending posts will  be deleted and the offending ISP blocked from  further access to this site. This site is run by an American but the site itself is not a democracy.